Long Beach All Day hangin' at the house.
The guys are working on some stuff for a new album out soon. Cross your fingers. Meanwhile get the "Bite The Bullet" comp for an unreleased track by All Day, a cover of the Vandals "Pat Brown".

NOBODY LIKES A QUITTER All the hits on one release.
Track listing:
1. Smells Like Long Beach 2. One Way Ticket 3. Cry For Help
4. Number 56 5. Insane Love Commandos 6. Get Some
7. Nobody Knows My Name 8. Spain 9. War On The Boulevard
10. Kim's Dead/Michael 11. Hell No 12. Daddy 13. How Does It Feel
14. Ain't She Sweet 15. Doreen Shelton 16. Friends Are Forever
17. Thank You

17 song CD. $10 postage paid North America/$12 postage paid World

All Day "When We Were Good" 3 song 7"
Some new All Day material with new guitarist Fred Merwin. This one has a classic version of GG Allin's "Highest Power". Guaranteed to offend.
Track list: 1. Looking At Them 2. Time 3. The Highest Power.
$4.00ppd N. America/$6ppd World

Also available:
"LONG BEACH ALL DAY" T-Shirts. 100% cotton L or XL
& ALLDAY embroidered baseball caps (olive green or black)
$10 postage paid North America/$12 postage paid World

The current version of All Day is Paul McFadyen, Matt Vargas, Jay O'Brien & Ray Bones